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The Town of Hobgood is proud to welcome you to our community. Please browse our site for the latest news and updates from our Municipality. We invite you to take part in local events, activities and more!

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Message from the Mayor

Welcome to THE TOWN OF HOBGOOD, where the people are friendly, crime rates are low, and quality of life is high. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a place where you can leave your car unlocked or walk down the street at 12 o’clock midnight and not worry about being harmed? Well you have stumbled upon the right place. Hobgood is located at the eastern tip of Halifax County North Carolina. We are adjacent to Martin County on the east and Edgecombe County to the west. Coupled with economical real estate prices, low real estate taxes, and the town’s location, Hobgood is an extremely attractive bargain for people who are looking for a quiet safe neighborhood to raise a family. One of the finest private schools in the state is located within the town limits. We like to call Hobgood the Tri-county Seat because it is strategically located about 30 miles from all major towns and cities in the area, yet because of excellent roads and low traffic volume the commute times are very low. Looking for a place to retire, this is it. Come by, visit the friendly folks in Hobgood and you’ll know you’ve found a home. Take a few moments and explore our Town!

Dannie Flanary, Mayor

The Town of Hobgood

About Hobgood

The Town of Hobgood lies at the southeastern tip of Halifax County at the intersection of highways 125 and 122 bordering the Edgecombe and Martin County lines. In 1889 – 90, the Atlantic Coastline Railroad established a rail head in-between the towns of Conohoe (present-day Oak City) and Scotland Neck. A depot was constructed during that time for this purpose. Very quickly, a town formed around it and was incorporated in 1891. It was named Hobgood after a Mr. Hobgood who lived approximately a mile away and operated a saloon/store that served travelers moving between the main thoroughfares of Halifax and Tarboro. In large part because of the railroad, the town flourished both economically, culturally and spiritually. As a primary embarkation point for people traveling to and from Virginia and beyond, the town attracted individuals from all walks of life. A large hotel was built to house the overnight travelers and Main Street was a flurry of activity with numerous shops and stores on both sides of the street.

As with communities across the nation, Hobgood has a proud heritage of achievement in a variety of areas and can boast of many native sons and daughters who have been very successful both educationally and professionally. James Hogun, noted Brigadier General of the Revolutionary War, Lt. General Frank Armstrong, noted World War II fighter pilot and ‘Twelve O’clock High’ fame, Miss North Carolina USA 1989, Jackie Padgette and recently retired Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Hugh Shelton are just a few of the more notable examples who grew up within a two-mile radius of Hobgood.

              Located just 90 minutes from Raleigh, two hours from Williamsburg, Va. , two and one-half hours from Chesapeake, Va. and approximately two hours from Atlantic Beach, Hobgood offers a beautiful bucolic and rustic setting to its residents while close enough to several major cities and thoroughfares for quick access to shopping, recreation and medical care if needed. Possibly Hobgood’s proudest achievement at this point is its claim to having one of the finest private schools in eastern North Carolina, Hobgood Academy. Founded in 1970, this K-12 institution has seen many of its graduates go on to graduate from the finest universities and colleges in the country and serve their communities and nation with distinction in virtually every field of endeavor.

    Article by Robert Sykes

Town of Hobgood Services

The Town of Hobgood provides Electric, Sewer and Water Utilities for all of its in town customers. In addition electric service is supplied to homes between Hobgood and Scotland NC while water is supplied to homes surrounding Hobgood for approximately 4 miles.  Hobgood provides street lighting and is one of the best illuminated small Towns around. The Town has modern LED street lighting on main street provided by funds from the Golden Leaf Foundation. The Town will expand the LED lighting as funds become available. Hobgood also provides its residents with an animal control program complete with traps, and holding facilities. The educational needs of the surrounding area is served by Hobgood Charter School(Public) for grades K-8 and Hobgood Academy(Private) for grades 9-12. The Hobgood Fire Department serves the residences of Hobgood and the five mile surrounding area. Police protection is currently provided by off duty county sheriffs deputies and a part time Police Officer from the Town of Hobgood's Police Department.

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