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The Town of Hobgood maintains approximately15 miles of water distribution line with 300 water customers. Water is pumped from two wells, which is drawn from the Tuscaloosa Aquifer, treated and stored in the Towns two elevated water tanks. With 175,000 gallons of storage, ample water is on hand to provide for customer use as well as fire fighting efforts. Emergency generators provide standby power for our wells. In addition a state of the art water metering system augments our farm water installation and is available during the growing season for local farmers. Hobgood has the reputation for some of the best tasting water in the State. The Town furnishes residents as well as people in the surrounding country- side with water.

In 2016, the Town of Hobgood entered into a service contract with Southern Corrossion Inc. of Roanoke Rapids to perform much needed maintenance on the Town's two elevated storage tanks.  Both tanks have since been rehabilitated and painted inside and out which has improved the quality of our drinking water even more.

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