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Hobgood Methodist Church


A small group, some of whom were from the Palmyra congregation, organized the church in the early 1880's. Its membership totaled 9, including Molly Hyman whose husband R. W. built a meeting house at Hobgood's Fork near his store and home. 

The Village of Hobgood was incorporated in 1891. In the laying out of the town on the farm of E. P. Hyman, a corner of the garden was designated as a permanent site for the Methodist Church. As soon as the formalities were over, the "meeting house" was moved from Hobgood Fork to its new location. The moving was slow and was done only Saturday afternoons when farmers could lay aside their work. Where the church stood, the congregation gathered on Sunday for regular services. Upon reaching its destination, the "meeting house" had a bell tower and extensions to front and back added to it. 

There are no records of these early days of the Hobgood Methodist Church; it is assumed that the Annual Conference supplied ministers. The Rev. Joseph Gillespie was the first minister noted in records. The first parsonage was built in 1897 while W. A. Piland was minister. 

By 1950 the original church building had become inadequate and was badly in need of repairs. With the sale of the parsonage and later the church building, fund raising was begun for a new church. First to be built was an educational building with classrooms, kitchen and fellowship hall. In 1955 the cornerstone of the current sanctuary was laid. It was finished in 1957. The Church is located on the corner of North 5th and West Pine (hwy 122).

Worship Services: 9:45am Sunday

Homecoming: 2nd Sunday in October

Harvest Sale and Auction: 2nd Saturday in November

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