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Annual Hobgood Cotton Festival

Hobgood is the Land of Cotton.....

The Town of Hobgood celebrates the area's largest cash crop each year on the second Saturday in October with the Hobgood Cotton Festival. This event features a day of fun and festivities with a little education to boot.  Start your day with a stroll through the town.  Visit our museum and the arts and crafts vendors selling their wares.  Eat lunch at the fire department or one of the tempting food wagons on site.  There are several rides for the young and old, like the cotton trailer ride.  Throughout the day live musical entertainment from gospel to bluegrass, country to rock and roll will drift among the streets.  For those interested in competition, there will be a horseshoe and cornhole tournament not to mention a little BINGO!  For further information call Rhonda Mayer at (252) 883 9827.
Vendor space and sponsorship opportunities are available. Join Hobgood as the cotton harvest begins with the annual Hobgood Cotton Festival. 

Sponsored by the Hobgood Revitalization Committee

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