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The Town of Hobgood owns and operates 18 miles of 7200/12470-volt electric distribution line with 320 customers. Construction, maintenance, and tree trimming are handled exclusively by the Town’s two Electric Dept employees who are on call twenty four hours a day seven days a week for outages.

A member of Electric Cities since the early 1970’s the Town purchases electricity through the Power Agency and resells to its customers.

With one Peterbilt Altec material handling bucket truck, a GMC Altec bucket truck, and a four-wheel drive International digger derrick with front end winch, there is little that Town employees can’t access or repair in a timely manner. In addition the Town stocks replacement transformers, sectionalizing equipment, poles, and other material needed for maintenance, repair, and new construction.

In addition, a no cost home energy audit is available upon request for customers who are concerned about high-energy bills.

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