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Hobgood Beautification and Revitalization Committee

The Hobgood Revitalization Committee is a non-profit Corporation, all donations are tax deductible.

Hobgood Revitalization saving the past, looking to the future.

The Hobgood Revitalization Committee is composed of approximately twenty-five citizens of the Town and surrounding area dedicated to the revitalization of the Town of Hobgood. These people began to meet on June 6, 2000 with a list of goals and a determination to make things better. The main focus of the group is to make The Town of Hobgood a better place to live and attract businesses and residents. Founding Document of the Hobgood Revitalization Committee.


  1. *Establish a park.

  2. *Plant trees and flowers to beautify town.

  3. *Work to see that places in town that are dilapidated are removed or cleaned up.

  4. Work to see that some type of commercial as well residential development is acquired.

  5. Establish a recreation center for young as well as older people.

  6. *Foster a sense of closeness, and an environment of cooperation within the town.

  7. *Work to acquire grant moneys to fund some projects.

  8. *Involve the community at large to become involved in property beautification.

  9. *To establish a FM low power radio station. Volunteer operated and supported by contribution and advertisement revenue.

  10. To be an advocate for local art and aid in a forum for it’s display.

  11. Help establish a drama group and aid in its exposure (radio, plays, etc.).

  12. *Aid in the formation of a library.

  13. Erect billboards leading into towns espousing attributes of the town and its businesses.

  14. *Be proactive in restoring the oldest building in town (The Depot).

  15. Erect a town clock.

  16. *Work to establish a town day with proceeds used to fund the work of the committee.

  17. *Utilize materials and human resources within the town to achieve the above goals.


 Asterisks  denote projects that have been completed or are underway. As of June 1, 2003 The Hobgood Revitalization Committee has raised over $13000.00 in money and $96000.00 in grants for projects in the town. This along with numerous donations of land and countless hours of volunteer work is aimed at getting THE TOWN OF HOBGOOD moving back in the right direction.

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